Lalita is an Indian Goddess, one of the Supreme feminine powers of the world and an aspect of the Divine universal mother. Lalita is radiant and pure, as she possesses the rare combination of remarkable beauty, great wisdom and immense power.

Lalita, “She who plays”, remains a symbol of prosperity, protection and the embodiment of Shakti, the universal energy. 

We believe within nature and ourselves, this inner power and inner light evokes the awakening of universal love.

Lalita was founded in 2018, with our belief in connection, love and inner joy. We are here to do our best … to liberate, heal and bring joy through the emotional power of scent. An everyday luxury designed to bring joy to your world and help you feel safe in it. Smell is the most natural and the most powerful way to make us feel good.

“Being a seeker at heart and knowing how scent interplays with our physical system, cognitive brain, and energy system (Body, Mind and Spirit), I wanted to create scents to empower, and ignite the inner light. “Lalita was born to create moments of joy and community connection.” I want people to sense in my products a feeling of wellbeing, grounding and gratitude to the inner self. To feel good in them selves and the space in which they live”.

Melissa Crier, Founder & Creative Director